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May 14, 2007

Philippine Elections as Classroom

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There are three first-time voters in our family, and they took their right of suffrage very seriously. Last night, on the eve of elections, they sat down and carefully read the official list of candidates mailed to them by the Commission on Elections.

Then they highlighted the names of their chosen candidates, discussing with each other the pros and cons of every candidate on their list. They did not impose their candidates on others and made it a point to say they respected each others’ choices. They consulted me on some of their choices and I must say they had names on their list that weren’t on mine.

They looked forward to today with eager anticipation. After all, it was a feat just to have been able to register last December, when they braved the heat, the crowds and the notorious inefficiency of the Commission on Elections just to get their names on the voters’ list.

Today’s exercise was supposed to have been, in their eyes, something like an exam, something they prepared for and mulled over for weeks, if not months. Before they went to bed, they had their stack of pens and Comelec list ready for the big day.


It seemed hard enough for them to fill up all 12 blanks allotted for senatorial candidates. None of them came up with a complete slate of 12 names.

Here’s what one of them told me:

I relearned that Filipinos have a very short memory. They will vote for Chiz Escudero in spite of his defense of deposed president Joseph Estrada.

I did not want to vote but I voted because my mother told me to. If I didn’t want to write any name, my mother told me to put a line across the blank.

I voted for Ping Lacson because he is an advocate of peace and order and that’s one thing Filipinos need for development.

I voted for Antonio Trillanes because he is acting on his own, his strings are not pulled by anyone and he’s driven by nothing else but his desire to have a better Philippines.

I wrote Victor Woods (not Wood) as my way of mocking the mockery some people were making of democracy.

I voted for Herbert Bautista for vice-mayor because I saw him doing his job.

I believe Filipinos don’t vote because of one person’s track record, or what a person did or did not do, but because they are swayed by what the media say.



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    Comment by shiela — September 26, 2009 @ 10:57 pm | Reply

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