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January 16, 2007

Teaching Teachers

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It’s unlikely I will forget 2006. It was the year when my world turned upside down, making me realize I was standing on my head all along, being made a fool of by so-called friends and colleagues.  2006 put me back on my feet, in many ways, and made me see the world right side up again.

Anyway, as the year was coming to an end, I found myself giving a lecture to (former) fellow teachers at the Journalism Department of the UP College of Mass Communication. We were more or less of the same age, and perhaps similar mindsets, all wanting to retool. In this case, retooling meant learning the basics of visual storytelling and video editing.

I was asked to give the lecture, but my name, I was told, cropped up only as a second choice, after they considered asking someone who did weddings and funerals. The KBL type (Kasal, Binyag, Libing). Oh, what a compliment!

And as we were saying our goodbyes, we gathered around my Mac for a souvenir.



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